Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 DIY Christmas Gifts That Don't Suck

Again, I make no apologies for my Christmas posts from here until December 25th.  :)

I'm ALREADY thinking about low cost Christmas gifts for this year. I want to be able to give to everyone but I also would not like to go broke doing it. I've scoured the internet near and far for the past 2 days thinking of cool ideas that I'd like to do. Here's my top ten awesome DIY Christmas crafts that could probably be used for any gift. I hope this inspires you!

1. Coffee Scrub - supposedly coffee scrub is good for fading stretch marks? I just think it probably smells amazing. 
2. DIY Phone case- with this one it would require the giver to do a little research. What type of phone will you be making a case for? Either way it's as simple as a clear case and whatever interesting paper/design you fit into it. Skies the limit. 
3. DIY Outlet cover- I love this idea so much. I might make myself some.
4. Color-block crayon candles - Super bright and cheerful gift. Maybe add some essential oils for scent?
5. Bath bombs - Anything soapy is always a Christmas fail safe. -_-
6. Water Color Mugs - Might be the most fanciest DIY I've seen that requires zero effort.
7. Monogram Doormat - With barely hitting 13 dollars for the actual doormat (plus whatever costs in paint), this could be a really classy gift.
8. Beer Coasters - Have a beer lover in your life? You could make these while drinking a few.
9. Stamped Tote - Directions are in German but there are plenty of pictures. Very cute idea.
10. Menagerie Lids - This is an adorable DIY that would essentially cost you pennies! Everyone has spare jars and lids on hand.

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